Mixed Boxes

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As owner and main photographer for Tamed Wild and North of Stella, I have collected a massive amount of items that have been accumulating in my space. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I am clearing out my photo studio, home areas, refreshing my altar tools and going through my book & vintage collections. These boxes are a "grab bag" of items and may include any of the following:

Altar Cloths

Tarot Bags


Enamel Pins

Jewelry (mostly foreign stone jewelry and samples- not many are sterling silver or gold)

Books (Some very used, some brand new)


USED Altar Tools of mine personally, (burn bowls, herb mixing cups, etc)

NEW Altar Tools- Cauldrons, burn bowls, etc

Crystals & Stones- Large boxes have large pieces, small boxes have smaller.

Herbs & Teas (un-used, of course)

Wooden Boxes


Selenite Wands

Random Items- I collect weird things and get on kicks, so there will be some random items that will make you think "Why is this in here?" Just accept it or gift it, I don't know why I'm like this.

These boxes are a mix of items and come in 2 sizes. The items inside exceed the price if they were to be sold on Tamed Wild or North of Stella.

All sales are FINAL and I will not be taking returns. 

Mixed Boxes

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